23 October 2014

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MUHAMMAD, No. 1 (pbuh)

An extract  taken from "100, A Ranking Of The Most Influential Persons In History." By Michael H, Hart

Fiqh of Hajj

Quick fiqh bite on Hajj taken from the book At-Tashil ad-Daruri of the Masail of al-Quduri

Ruling Regarding Salah(prayer)

taken from the book At-Tashil ad-Daruri of the Masail of al-Quduri

The archetype of the primordial hyle in relation to the purification of the heart

Everything in creation testifies to the onenes of Allah, and proves His existance. By following the example of creation in the way they function we can attain inner equilibrium that will enable us to climb the spiritual ladder to Allah

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Hadith Pick
When the verse "Say I do not request any recompense from you except that you love my close relatives" was revealed, the Companions of the Messenger of Allah (saw) asked him “Who are your closest relatives with whom love is compulsory?” The Messenger of Allah (saw) replied they are Ali (as), Fatimah (as), Hassan (as) and Hussain (as).
Hazrat Abdullah Bin Abbas (ra), Al- Tabrani, Al Mu’jam Al Kabeer, No 2641
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